Example Courses

Have you ever wondered what a really well-designed course looks like? These NC State courses have all been certified through the nationally recognized Quality Matters program. Each course meets research-based standards for high-quality online course design. Find out more about the Course Quality Program at NC State.

To view the example courses below:

  1. Click on the link in the “Moodle Course Link” column.
  2. Log in with your NC State Unity ID (if you haven’t already done so).
  3. If this is your first time accessing the course, you must first self-enroll as a student by clicking on the Enroll me button.
  4. You will be able to view the course from a student’s perspective.

Please note that the syllabus template has changed and may not contain everything that you may see in some of the examples.

Course Number and NameInstructorMoodle Course LinkCourse Documents
ACC 210
Concepts of Financial Reporting
Bruce Bransongo.ncsu.edu/example-ACC210ACC 210 course map
ACC 210 syllabus
ELP 344
School and Society
Peter Hesslinggo.ncsu.edu/example-ELP344ELP 344 course map
ELP 344 syllabus
ENG 331
Communication for Engineering and Technology
Christine Cranfordgo.ncsu.edu/example-ENG331ENG 331 course map
ENG 331 syllabus
LAR 221
Introduction to Environment and Behavior for Designers
Nilda Coscogo.ncsu.edu/example-LAR221LAR 221 course map
LAR 221 syllabus
MA 231
Calculus for Life and Management Sciences B
Molly Fenngo.ncsu.edu/example-MA231MA 231 course map
MA 231 syllabus
MB 351
General Microbiology
Melissa Ramirezgo.ncsu.edu/example-MB351MB 351 course map
MB 351 syllabus
MEA 100
Earth System Science: Exploring the Connections
Lisa Falkgo.ncsu.edu/example-MEA100MEA 100 course map
MEA syllabus
PRT 266
Introduction to Sport Management
Edwin Lindsaygo.ncsu.edu/example-PRT266PRT 266 course map
PRT 266 syllabus
ST 558
Data Science for Statisticians
Justin Postgo.ncsu.edu/example-ST558ST 558 course map
ST 558 syllabus
TTM 581
Global Textile and Apparel Business Dynamics
Lori Rothenberggo.ncsu.edu/example-TTM581TTM 581 course map
TTM 581 syllabus
Examples of Quality Matters Certified Courses at NC State