Exam Best Practices

Unmonitored Assessments

If possible, use alternative authentic assessments to assess your students in an unmonitored setting rather than using an exam. If your exams are open book/ open resources, monitoring may not be needed. Shorter, more frequent, low stakes assessments are recommended to encourage academic integrity.

Monitored Assessments

If monitored exams are required, there are a couple of options depending on your exam delivery format. Be sure to read the limitations and requirements for each option.

DELTA has a number of resources available to instructors regarding testing in an off-campus environment. In-person testing will be available at the on-campus test centers. If you would like to request in-person testing at the test center, please complete the request form. Requests for Fall 2021 will be open Aug 3 – 9.

For in-person classes seated in a classroom, instructors can still administer Moodle exams using Respondus LockDown Browser with bring your own device (BYOD) testing in the classroom.

If you need help setting-up your exams online in Moodle, get assistance from the LearnTech Help Desk. There are also instructions for setting up Moodle quizzes available online in the DELTA Knowledge Base

For assistance with assessment options, feel free to contact DELTA Testing Services.